What is the 10x Engineer initiative? How is it connected to Surge?

Every aspect of Surge has been designed to give early-stage startups an unfair advantage to scale and grow, make smart choices on business models, and raise a Series A round soon after. You can read more about Surge here. One of the key factors to building a successful early-stage business is getting the right people on board.

And, engineers – we hear you. We understand that many of you like to build and want to construct the technology skyscrapers of tomorrow. 10x Engineer is about creating a platform and setting to meet these disruptive companies early.

10x Engineer is not about recruiting, but about giving the engineers access to the early stage company and founder, and hearing why the Surge team, and other members of the ecosystem, think these companies have the potential to scale.

Why did Sequoia launch 10xE?

We’ve seen what magic can happen when the right engineer meets the company at the right stage of its growth. The trajectory of some of our biggest companies were shaped by the 10x Engineers we were lucky to find. Similarly, the growth trajectory of some of these engineers has also been magnified by the problems they have encountered – and solved.

Creating a platform for the best companies and the best engineers to hang out and get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses is a big advantage for the company – and also for the engineer.

Why should I apply for 10xE?

If you are a software engineer or programmer who is interested in making history, and who wants to have early access to the founders of the newest up-and-coming companies, then we would encourage you to apply to this program.

We understand that there may be concerns around startups, especially when it comes to stability and compensation. Companies that are a part of Surge are selected after a careful evaluation of the idea and business model, and an assessment of the founding team and the market. What’s more, Surge will select only 10 to 20 startups in each cohort, so our team can provide tailored support and mentorship for founders.

We are also planning to work closely with the first Surge cohort to create a transparent, standardized and employee-friendly approach to ESOPs.

What is the criteria for selection?

We are looking for a group of high-caliber engineers who are truly passionate about building something from scratch. As you will see from the application form, we would love to get to know you better; we are also looking for your past work, open-source contributions as well as recommendations from your network to help us evaluate your application.

What happens after I send in my application?

A panel will evaluate the application and if it fits the profile we are looking for, we may call you for an in-person meeting. There will be a final list of successful applicants drawn up post these meetings who will then be invited to be part of the 10x Engineer initiative.

What happens after I get selected?

10xE is a rolling initiative that will continually grow with subsequent waves of Surge founders.

If selected, we will be sharing early information on our Surge companies with you. And we will also be sharing your profiles and what you are excited to build with Surge founders. We believe this will help each of you understand the other better.

We will also hold networking sessions with Surge founders and 10x Engineers. The first will be held April, in Bangalore. If there is a mutual interest, this might also lead to potential interviews for roles.

Does being a part of 10xE guarantee a role at one of the Surge startups?

Being selected for 10xE does not guarantee that you will get hired by one of the startups at Surge immediately. However, it is your chance to constantly be exposed to early stage companies building the big businesses of tomorrow. And we are confident that you will find the right match for what you want to build, sooner or later.

Similarly, joining 10xE is not just about looking for a job; it’s also a way for you to learn about new ideas that are getting noticed or gaining traction.

What else does the 10xE initiative offer besides a chance to work for Surge startups?

Being a part of this network not only opens up a pipeline of great opportunities, it also gives you access to a network of peers, founders and experts you can constantly learn from. 10xE will schedule regular tech talks and workshops to help you upskill – and also create opportunities for select candidates to attend conferences and programs on a global scale.

Can I recommend my friends for this initiative?

Yes, you can recommend your peers for 10xE. However, they will have to go through a similar process of application as everyone else.


(n) A sharp swell or wave. Sudden, powerful growth. A marked increase in voltage. (v) To rise, or move forward, quickly.